What can I search for?

It is possible to search for personal or street names. Choose the desired place and year in the drop-down menus. Afterwards, you can enter the name of a street or person into the search window.

Alternatively you can browse, using our guided tour which will guide you in three steps. First you can chose a place, afterwards a year and finally a personal or street name.

Why do I get results for streets although I was looking for a person?

The search is simultaneously carried out – if available – within the register of inhabitants and the housebook. It is not possible to recognize whether it is the name of a person or street.
Accordingly, a result from the housebook is shown when looking for a person, and vice versa.

Why do I get pages as results which do not contain the name of the person or street I was looking for?

Only the first entry of each page was indexed. Each search can only compute in between which entries the desired name should be found. You will receive a result in any case and can check the corresponding page for the name. If entries for a name fill more than one page, you will be linked to the first page in order to start flipping through the pages.

You can easily navigate between years using the tool above the search results, and thus get to the page which corresponds to your search.

The desired year does not contain an index of streets or persons

Not every directory was indexed with a housebook or register of inhabitants for various reasons. Especially older directories do partially not contain an index of persons or housebook, others do not list streets alphabetically, but according to district or numbers.

You can open the directory and check for a housebook or register even though there was no result on the portal.

I am unable to find a street although it should exist

The streets were recorded according to the spelling used in the directories. As the spelling does sometimes differ over the years, it is helpful to try different versions in your search.

E.g.   "Am Zwingerteich" (1939) or "Zwingerteich, am" (1925)
         "Große Zwingerstraße" (1939) or "Zwingerstraße, große" (1925)

So far, re-namings are not taken into account. Streets have to be searched using the name which was valid during the respective year.  Prospectively, the use of concordance within a search is planned.

Is the electronic table of contents identical with the original ToC?

No. The electronic table of contents was designed to enable a standardized navigation in all directories.

Whenever available, register of inhabitants, housebook, index of authorities, trade, profession, index of trade and index of cooperatives was recorded.
The original table of contents are sometimes more specific and offer more information on the respective book’s content.

How can I enlarge or save single pages?

The scanned pages of the directories open in a new browser tab. To enlarge the page, simply scroll the mouse.  To safe single pages, click right on the picture and use the browser’s functions accordingly.

Do more detailed maps exist?

Maps belonging to books are shown and possess a link. The SLUB Map Forum stocks further, also detailed, City Maps..